diabetes consultation Diabetes is a common and deadly health issue to human race. In a recent medical study there is sudden increase in number of  patients has been observed. More than 30 million of world population is suffering from diabetes. To eradicate this health disorder various research programs are going on.

To overcome Diabetes, individuals consume drugs which might not be tested. Drugs having high content of statins, corticosteroids, beta-blockers and Thiazide diuretics are known to induce diabetes. If your drugs have such contents stop using them.

Recently, cases are filed against manufacturers who formulate such deathly weapon (harmful drugs) to their patients. Drug diabetes lawsuit help patients to fight for their rights against such manufacturing companies.  

Let’s find out what kind of health issues you might get after consuming such medications:

Defective Diabetes Medicine Problem

Antidiabetic medications can cause you heart attack, gangrene, pancreatic cancer, kidney failure and many other life threatening disorders. 

defective drugs

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Side  effects of defective diabetes drug

It may cause low blood sugar, skin rash or itching, sensitivity to sunlight, upset stomach, and weight gain.  

Symptoms of defective diabetes medication

The defective medication can wreak havoc to your health. It leads to high blood sugar level affecting functioning of kidneys, improper flow of blood in veins, it also double the risk of heart attack.

When you suffer from the diabetes you should avoid these kinds of food :-

  • White bread pasta and rice
  • Fruit flavored yogurt
  • Flavored coffee drinks.
  • Dried fruit
Diabetes detection

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Food that you can eat when you are diabetic patient

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Eat almonds
  • Sliced apples
  • Popcorn       
  • Egg muffins

Several ways to avoid complications

  • Firstly you have to be committed yourself you can easily managing your debitis.
  • Maintain blood pressure and cholesterol level.
  • Dental care is a must.  
  • People tend to have sore feet. If you have such condition, pay attention to it.
  • Smoking will have an adverse impact on your health.
Diabetes disorder

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Prevention from diabetes drug

  • Hop over to gym on regular intervals to manage your body weight.
  • Drink as much water as you can. Water or healthy beverages flush out toxins from body.

Reduce the risk of diabetes by opting healthy lifestyle, click here to get beneficial tips. Maintaining your health is in your hands, don’t overlook the early signs of diabetes.