Today’s art market demands an extraordinary price for the paintings. These prices are strong temptations for forgers to create and sell a fake painting to numb consumers at an overpriced rate. The legal tussle between Dmitry Rybolovlev and Sotheby is an excellent example to prove this.

Art Collectors must pay attention to the details of the artwork before finalizing a deal. Now, how are you going to find out the fake traces in an artwork? Dive in to find out:

  • Research Thoroughly

Research about the artist whose artwork you want to buy. Go through his previous artwork (if he/she is an aspiring artist) so that you know his working style and hence it will give you an insight on how his painting should be and from now on you can detect any forgery artwork.

Spotting Fake Painting

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  • Check the position of Signature

While going through the artwork of the same artist you should take a note to his position of signature. If his signature is consistent as in previous artwork then it’ll be a legit dealing.

  • Check the price

After researching a lot about the painting you get to know approximately what price his painting was sold previously. Is the price that the company demands are much more than his previous painting price? Decline your idea to buy it. It’s just a scam.

Before buying any artwork it is recommended to take some expert advice. They would give the valuable opinion to the authenticity of the painting you are going to invest in.