Now, due to the development of new surgical techniques and treatments, the accuracy of the procedure is raised and the recovery period is diminished.

But, not all of the surgical procedures have the desired outcome. Although knee prosthesis is constructed to last for decades, sometimes, due to different reasons, the replacement fails.

Signs and Symptoms

In most of the cases, you may feel knee pain; that is the most frequent warning sign that something isn’t right. You can also notice swelling of the knee, reduced range of motion, knee stiffness and sometimes even inability to walk.

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Reasons For Knee Replacements Failure?

Loosening Implants

It can occur in cases when the patient is obese or gets involved in high-impact activities in surplus. At times, though infrequent, the device can fail as a result of the producer’s faulty design. Loosening of the implant is the most frequent complications caused by a faulty device.

In such a case, you have to take help of experts so as to get back what you have lost. Knee lawyers might be helpful to file a case against the faulty knee replacement manufacturer. It’s your right to get compensated for your loss.

Infections after Knee Replacement

Among the most serious complications after a knee replacement is infections. However, when done by a skilled and as needed, the odds of having a disease are extremely low.

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Generally Speaking, knee replacement illnesses are classified into three types:

  • Early infections: It happens within the first 3 weeks after the surgical procedure.
  • Delayed infections: It happens within 3 to 12 months after the surgical procedure.
  • Late infections: It happens after 12 months, sometimes even years following the surgical procedure.

Ligament Instability

This leads to knee instability and knee replacement failure. During operation, ligaments are sometimes cut, damaged or even improperly balanced. This will make the knee jump away from one side to the other.

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